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SpiderCloud Presentation
So often companies with a great philosophy and a fantastic product fail to present themselves effectively when PowerPoint rears its ugly head. Don't worry, help is at hand!.


Corporate presentation

Creating a PowerPoint presentation that truly conveys your brand.



Branding isn’t limited to print, it’s about how you convey the personality of your company in any situation where you engage with one of your audiences, quite often that can be in your initial presentation materials and, quite often, that can mean PowerPoint.

SpiderCloud came to us with a great story. They knew they were good, they had a great product and knew exactly where their offering fitted in to their market. The problem was that their presentation materials didn't convey their professionalism, technical abilities or enthusiasm.

Generator created a presentation that helped to express SpiderCloud’s corporate personality and successfully convey their revolutionary products and services. A mix of subtle animation, appropriate slide transitions and the introduction of a powerful and explanatory visual style resulted in an simple, elegant and effective presentation.



Title page of the new SpiderCloud presentation


SpiderCloud Corporate Overview slide


Where does SpiderCloud fit in?


SpiderCloud services slide


Capabilities of SpiderClouds equipment


SpiderCloud system architecture