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Every time you communicate, it is in a language that’s tailored to your audience. But do all these new clothes fit together to create a consistent message about what your company stands for?
The clothes don’t necessarily maketh the man

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At Generator Creative Consultants, we believe that effective design and marketing is not about shouting louder than everybody else. Find out how, on behalf of our clients, we attract the attention of potential customers.


What makes you stand out from the crowd

Can you be sure of a good fit

If the answer is “yes”, you’re well on the way to having something that many companies struggle to achieve, but never do: a coherent brand.

Many people in business are put off by the word “brand” – largely because nobody has taken the time to explain what it means. At Generator, we believe that it really shouldn’t be a secret. Your brand represents you – as in your corporate identity – but it is also reflected in everything you do: the way you answer the phone, the way you write letters, the way you deliver products, the way you advertise, how you are represented on social media sites, and more. We’re experts in this area — which means we do everything from designing visual identities to helping clients to roll out their brand values across their organisations.

But to create a coherent brand, you first need to make sure it really fits. To do this, you need to spend time “measuring” your organisation – asking questions that really get to the heart of what you do. We’ll help you with this process. And once we’ve examined your company’s specific needs, we can then develop your existing brand – or launch a new one – that really works.

If the answer was “no”, by the way, then perhaps you need to get in touch with us even more urgently. The number’s on our contact us page.

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Spark Magazine

GENERATOR at polesden lacey

As a part of the National Trust's ongoing brand development Generator were asked to create a 'sense of place' for Polesden Lacey, an Edwardian mansion and the Trust's regional head office.

Ahh! Sims


Ahh! Sims
Carl Sims, Generator team member, client & mentor has turned his passion for writing to something a little more personal - ‘Ahh! Sims’.

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