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Generator Branding

The term means different things to different people. To us at Generator, ‘branding’ describes the process involved in creating a unique name, image and personality for your organisation in the mind of your audience.

By developing a brand we can establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market in a way that not only attracts customers, but also keeps them. Our approach to branding involves understanding your beliefs and values and defining what’s different and special about your organisation. We then express these in an emotional way that people - whether customers, colleagues, investors or the general public - can relate to.

Next, we apply your brand across your business in a consistent and coherent way. This can involve everything from corporate culture and behaviour, internal and external communications to company uniforms to even how your people answer the phone.

A brand rarely stands still either. Once launched it needs to mature along with your market and your audience. At Generator, we’re not only experienced at creating brands, but also developing and managing them over time.

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