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Pathway To Zero Waste

Website for an initiative

Working with the Environment Agency we create a website that, through a clear and succinct interface, promotes the idea of the reduction of waste to landfill to the construction industry.

Pathway To Zero Waste

Website for an Environment Agency initiative

Creating and maintaining an informative initiative building site.


Pathway To Zero Waste

The Environment Agency runs many initiatives and projects, in association with its partners, promoting and supporting a wide spectrum of environmental issues.

PTZW was created with the aim of improving South East England’s economic and environmental performance and relieving pressure on its shrinking landfill capacity by reducing the amount of surplus and waste material generated by construction activity and by increasing the amount that is reused, recycled or converted to energy instead of being sent to landfill.

Generator was tasked with the job of creating, and maintaining, a website for the initiative that informed of PTZW's aims and also acted as a portal for news and events it, and it's partner organisations, generated.